Although pancakes are delicious eats and should be eaten all year round, I still find that I do as I’m told and get batter-y on Shrove Tuesday. Much like at Christmas when I feel the vibe of eating ’til I’m simple, I ignore reasoning and religious posturing and get involved because it’s hard to ignore. This year I decided on 2-course pancakes. Firstly, the main would be an attempt to stir 90’s nostalgia with a (topical) Findus-style chicken curry crispy pancake. For dessert, American pancakes were called for, with cherry, chocolate and cinnamon craisin involvement.

This Tuesday doubles as the eve of Pel’s birthday so some of the gang come over to feed, including camera-toting Davey Gilder. As a fan of all things battered and frittered, it seems only fitting that pancake day falls almost on the day that Pel can celebrate surviving another year. There are loads of ways to die and she’s avoided them all. As a gift, I got her booze rarity from Utobeer at Borough Market, a bottle of St.Eadman by Flying Dog. There have been few prettier beer bottles and few better tasting drinks than this dark, warming Belgian-style ale. At a meaty 10% it joined the celebration and eased along the pancake madness. Here’s how it all looked.

IMG_9197 IMG_9239 IMG_9243 IMG_9252 IMG_9257IMG_9272 IMG_9274 IMG_9276 IMG_9291 IMG_9301 IMG_9327IMG_9321


Photography By Davey Gilder