I like places with a lot of beer, I find it reassuring. If there’s a menu on my table, even better. I can choose poisons at my leisure, structure my decline and have prepared lines before I leave my seat, when the ship is steady. Mother Kelly’s is somewhere I feel comfortable, so comfortable I forget to go home for dinner. I’m aware there are people with similar problems, dealing with the daily issues of just having to know what that quince sour tastes like and unable to truly round off an evening without some deadly imperial darkness. Drinking can be hazardous but there are ways to navigate through the pitfalls of a pissed life. Eating isn’t cheating, it’s part of the adventure.


We’ve been invited to take care of the hungry drinkers of Mother Kelly’s, to camp out on the terrace and ensure the patrons are well fed on their journey into drink. As we’ve long focussed on keeping people on their bar stools and making sure that appropriate booze snacks are available, this is our chance to show you everything we’ve learned. From our gazebo kitchen we intend to keep things interesting, creative and delicious to support the fine work of the world’s best breweries.


From Friday 22nd July we’ll be bringing the food that our imaginations and the seasons allow to Mother Kelly’s patrons. We’re starting with a celebration of Turkish meze and continuing with whatever seems right. We’ll team up with local breweries where possible and get in super local foraged produce from our friend John The Poacher. We’re excited to be partnering with another bar we love and catering food that we’re sure will improve and elongate your drinking session.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram to see menus and photos from our kitchen. Feel free to get in touch and tell us what food you want when you’re on the sauce.