(Photo by Charlie Whatley)


We Eat is writing by Craig Ballinger and events by the We Eat team. Our focus is on showcasing seasonal British produce and celebrating the best beer around. Our graphic design is by Liam Achaibou, our event design by Penelope Mercer and a majority of photography is by Charlie Whatley. Our chief cook is Craig Ballinger, who’s often joined by other caterers found in the street. Also on board we have Landers, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker.


Craig also works freelance lending his hands to various streetfood traders, working at pop-ups and markets all over London.

Employers Include:


Mike and Ollie

HomeSlice Pizza

The Bell and Brisket


The Bowler Gourmet Balls

What The Dickens!

Oli Baba’s

Original Fry-Up Material



If you need any help with your food project email craig@weeat.co.uk