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Pancake Day In Pictures

Posted on February 14, 2013

Although pancakes are delicious eats and should be eaten all year round, I still find that I do as I’m told and get batter-y on Shrove Tuesday. Much like at Christmas when I feel the vibe of eating ’til I’m simple, I ignore reasoning and religious posturing and get involved because it’s hard to ignore. This year I decided on 2-course pancakes. Firstly, the main would be an attempt to stir 90’s nostalgia with a (topical) Findus-style chicken curry crispy pancake. For dessert, American pancakes were called for, with cherry, chocolate and cinnamon craisin involvement. This Tuesday doubles as the eve of Pel’s birthday so some of the gang come over to feed, including camera-toting Davey Gilder. As a fan of all things battered…

Beer of the Year Awards

Posted on January 5, 2013

It’s sort of too late for end of the year lists and they’re sort of boring anyway, but we decided we should let brewers know that we’ve been enjoying their drink. 2012 was a great year for beer, with a surge in independent craft brewing driving quality to new heights. Creativity and innovation have made London a much tastier place to drink in, and we’ve really enjoyed every sip. Here’s the rundown of the hits of the year. Best London Brewery There are plenty of contenders for this but The Kernel is just so good it has to claim top prize. The Kernel have been with us throughout our beer-education, printing hop varieties on their classy labels to help us learn. Masters of dark…